Proposed Webinar Outline: Green Bonds 101 and Scaling Up Clean Tech

Given below are details about proposed webinar:

Webinar Title:

Green Bonds 101 and Scaling Up Clean Tech
Overview of Green Bonds and how they help fund the scale-up of Clean Tech including Carbon Tech

Moderator Options:

a) Glen McCrimmon from McCrimmon Innovation Consulting and Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN)

b) Jason Switzer, Accelerating Canada’s Carbontech Sector, Carbon Management Canada (CMC)

c) Someone from OCTIA or Canada CleanTech Alliance (CCTA).

The moderator would introduce Green Bonds and indicate that, according to the ClimateBonds Initiative, over $500 billion in Green (Climate) Bonds were issued in 2021.  This organization is now leading an initiative to increase this amount to $5 trillion in Green Bonds by 2025.  He or she would then explain that our speakers will introduce how this large source of funding can help scale-up a wide range of technologies that CRIN, PTAC, Canada CleanTech Alliance (CCTA) and Carbon Management Canada (CMC) have been supporting.


1) Paul Stevers, who founder and President of Integrated ClimateTech would explain how Green Bonds can re-finance a wide range of substantial projects that are generating income and use existing and/or new innovative technologies.  For example,  a project could include just a large renewable energy farm or it can be an integrated facility such as a renewable energy farm that is combined with a biomass power plant that produces multiple useful products including electricity, biochar and renewable fuels.

2)  Nico Duursema, who is President and CEO of ND Ventures and Cerilon Inc. in Calgary, Alberta.  He would speak about how he got his planned $2.8B Gas to Liquid (GTL) facility in North Dakota classified as “green transition energy”.  Then he outlines how this helped him obtain funding to build this facility.

3) _____________, Green Bond expert who would speak about what type of technologies could be considered “Green Bond Eligible” and also talk about how fast the Green Bond market is growing.

4) ____________, Green Bond specialist from a large Canadian financial institution such as the RBC that has re-financed multiple projects through Green Bonds.

5) Senior Official from Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) (possibly John Casola, Chief Investment Officer) talks about how CIB can help provide bridge financing for a large project that can be re-financed with a Green Bond after it is operational and generating income.