Descriptions for Volunteer Jobs Needed to Host
the Planned Africa Climate Action Initiative (ACAI) Launch Event 

Given below is an initial set of job descriptions for volunteers needed for the planned Africa Climate Action Initiative (ACAI) launch event:

1) Online Event Promotion and Communications Coordinator

– Develop a contact list of all international development programs at colleges and universities (This should included the associated career centres)
– Work with the ACAI Coordinator to contact all the career centres and administrative offices for the international development programs at colleges and universities (NOTE: This needs to be done ASAP before the student finish their semester).
– Provide support and assistance in planning, developing, producing, and delivering marketing and communications materials.
– Manage development, production, and distribution of promotional and collateral materials in digital madia.
– Develop and oversee the communications calendar to ensure timely execution of the program.
– Advertise events in events brite and other forums.
– Maintain and update databases, including contact management system mailing lists.

Note: Please see these lists:
a) International development programs at colleges and universities in Canada
b) Masters Programs in International Development in Canada

2) Crowdfunding Coordinator

– Explore options for launching a crowdfunding campaign for ACAI a the online event entitled: Climate Change Impact on Africa -What can be done?”, which will likely occur on May 7.
– Develop a plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign for ACAI.
– Lead the effort to create the promotional material for a crowdfunding campaign for ACAI.
– Coordinate volunteers who are implementing the crowdfunding campaign for ACAI.

Note: The crowdfunding campaign is very important since it will likely become the main source of funds to pay the the initial administrative costs.

3) Free Education Resources Coordinator and Evaluator

– Review free content available from World Possible including their “RACHEL” eLibrary.
– Review free apps an educational content contained in the “Rumie” Tablets, which is based in the DMZ at Ryerson University. 6th Floor, 10 Dundas St E.
– Obtain and review the english version of free educational software from OneBillion
– Explore if the free educational software from One Billion can be added to a Rumie Tablet.
– Other notable free educational resources including appropriate ones about climate change adapting to it.

4) Free Education Resources in Swahili from OneBillion Evaluator

– Obtain and review the original local African language version (Swahili, I think) of free educational software from OneBillion  (If I recall correctly, their award from the Learning xPrize was for their software in Swahili)
– Discuss the usefulness of this education software with the “Free Education Resources Coordinator and Evaluator”

5) Explainer Video Creator and Converter of PowerPoint Presentations to Videos 

– Utilize explainer video software such as VideoScribe to create explainer videos  to help communicate key concepts relating to the Africa Climate Action Initiative such as how food insecurity cause an increase in violence and forced migration.  To learn about creating explainer videos, see: Creating Explainer Videos.

– Help convert powerpoint presentation to animated and narrated videos.  To view and example powerpoint presentation that has been converted to an animated and narrated video as well as information about how this can be done, see: Converting Powerpoint Presentations to Narrated and Animated Videos.

Note; The ACAI is planned to launched sometime in May 2020.  See:

Online Event Summary: Climate Change Impact on Africa: What can be done? and ACAI Launch Event
Date: Sometime in May 2020 (To be determined soon)