Videos and Images that Visualize Climate Change Impacts

Section A: Videos that Visualize Climate Change Impacts

1. High quality short videos that visualize the impacts of climate change can help public understand the need for large-scale climate action and as a result, increase support this action.  For example, shown below is a 1.3 minute video by National Geographic called Extreme Weather Trailer, which effectively visualizes a range of impacts of climate change:

For more related short videos by National Geographic, visit: Interconnections in Extreme Weather.

2. Given below are some additional short videos that visualize climate change:

a) NBC Video: Floods, Heat And Fire: How Climate Change Is Unfolding In Real Time, Jul 29, 2022

b) Video: Visualizing Climate Change, Feb 22, 2012

c) TheEconomist Video: See what three degrees of global warming looks like, 3,772,678 views  Oct 30, 2021, If global temperatures rise three degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the results would be catastrophic. It’s an entirely plausible scenario, and this film shows you what it would look like.

d) Feed Back Loop Climate website – The Earth is warming the Earth. In this series of five short films, learn why natural warming loops have scientists alarmed—and why we have less time than we think.

e) A 38 sec. Climate Visual by ClimateSAN – Melting in the Arctic and flooding in a coastal area such as Venice, Italy

f) Climate Visuals in a Video Gallery by ClimateSAN (Short videos about climate issues).

g) Climate Change Stock Video Clips & Footage by

h) Gizmodo Video: Extreme Weather Events in 2022 | Extreme Earth, Dec 20, 2022 

i) Our Changing Climate: Why climate change makes extreme weather worse, Oct 26, 2018 

j) Short videos on educational YouTube channels:

k) Short educational videos by NASA: Earth Minute Videos

l) Short video by the WeatherKids (Initiative by UNDP and We Don’t Have Time)

m) Free photos relating to climate: Pexels

n) Free animated images in GIF format relating to climate: Giffy

o) CBS: The impact of climate change on severe weather, Dec 8, 2023 – In this episode of “Protecting the Planet,” CBS News senior environmental correspondent Ben Tracy explores the connection between climate change and the natural disasters that affected our world in 2023.

p) OurChangingClimate Video: Is Collapse Coming for Us?, Apr 5, 2024  – In this Our Changing Climate climate change video essay, I dive into the worst-case climate change scenarios that could possibly lead to societal collapse.  Also: Collapse Resources Research & Papers

q) Al Jazeera: Is the world focused enough on climate change? | Inside Story, Apr 4, 2024 – A state of emergency in Zimbabwe, extreme drought putting millions of people in danger. 

3. There are many more videos about some specific impacts of climate change such as forced migration. To view a set of these videos, visit Videos about Climate-related Forced Migration.

4. Soon there will be many more short videos available due to AI video generators such as Sora.  Since it will be easy to generate animated short videos, these types of videos can be created when notable headline news about climate change occurs, such as the recent Red Alert by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Section B: Images that Visualize Climate Change Impacts

1. Below, you will find a before and after image captured by NASA’s space satellites showcasing the Glaciers of Southern Greenland. This visual documentation highlights the impact of climate change on this region over just a little over a month. 

2. Another illustration of climate change’s impact is evident in the disappearance of Lake Abert in Oregon since the early 2000s. Once a prominent feature of the landscape, this body of water has been steadily shrinking, reflecting the broader trend of diminishing freshwater resources exacerbated by global warming. 

3. Given below are some additional sources for images that visualize climate change:

a) Images of Change – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet—NASA: Satellite visualization of how climate change has been changing Earth globally.

b) Visualizing climate change: 100 freely accessible photos from around the world to inspire climate action—Climate Outreach: Climate Visuals is the world’s only evidence-based and impact-focused climate photography resource. It hosts new research, an image library and global open calls. September 29, 2021

c) The Tipping Point: Headed for Climate Catastrophe—World Economic Forum: Human-caused climate change has already taken a devastating toll. Now, it may get much worse. Using data from the Climate Impact Lab, Climate Central, the Washington Post, and NASA satellites, the World Economic Forum has visualized global temperature and climate-impact projections to the year 2100.

d) The Best Data Viz and Infographics on Climate Change Facts—Visme: This list compiles the most comprehensive visual representations of climate change data from recent years. Each visualization is accompanied by a link leading directly to the original study or research project, facilitating direct access to the original source material. January 24, 2019

e) Stunning photos of climate change—CBS News: These photographs depict the condition of our planet and its climate, showcasing the changes that have unfolded over the past decade. March 9, 2022

f) ‘It was like an apocalyptic movie’: 20 climate photographs that changed the world—The Guardian: A compilation of images spanning the past decade, demonstrating the global impact of climate change. November 5, 2022

g) Photos: How climate change is transforming Canada—Canadian Geographic: The subsequent images provide a glimpse into the ongoing transformation of Canada due to climate change. July 26, 2018

4. It is now possible to create innovative images using AI image generators, such as DALL-E-2, which many people may find very interesting and want to share it with their friends and relatives.

Section C: Software platforms that help visualize the impacts of climate change

1. Visualizing Climate Change Impacts, which is a video that introduces a software platform called ClimateNeRF: Extreme Weather Synthesis

2. “This Climate Does Not Exist,” is a website that uses artificial intelligence to overlay the consequences of climate change onto images of familiar locations, such as flooding, wildfires, and smog. By accessing this platform, individuals can gain insight into the potential climate impacts on a personal level, offering a unique perspective on the urgent need for environmental awareness and action. To experience firsthand the visualization of climate change effects on places you know, visit “This Climate Does Not Exist.