DRAFT: TerraFixing’s Direct Air Capture (DAC) Technology Summary

Link to presentation: Generate Substantial Profits By Utilizing Surplus Methane Near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Power Direct Air Capture (DAC)

1. TerraFixing’s Direct Air Capture (DAC) Technology DRAFT Summary:

  • TerraFixing’s DAC technology is geared for cold dry climates with operating energies as low as 1 MWh per metric tonne of CO2. 
  • If power is produced for US$0.03 cents/KWh, this enables CO2 to be captured for less than US$40/tonne.
  • Utilizes a simple process with 5 unit operations.
  • Uses proven materials at moderate temperatures and pressures to keep capital costs low.
    Favorable to perform in climates such as Canada, Norway, Alaska, Russia, Finland, Greenland, Tibetan plateau, and Antarctica.
Note: This summary was copied from this 4-min. segment of a full presentation video: Example Additional Carbon Capture Technology – TerraFixing’s Direct Air Capture (DAC) Technology (TimeCode: 9:15).  To view the full presentation video, visit: Opportunity for Rapid Large-Scale Carbon Emissions Mitigation.
2. Summary of draft calculations prepared by TerraFixing relating to combining their DAC technology with the Allam Cycle:

TerraFixing’s DAC technology can be incorporated neatly into the Allam Cycle. Our technology can replace the front-end purification unit while being able to capture and concentrate 9.7 metric tons of CO2/day from the air (for a 300MW power plant). This will cost approximately 0.4 MW to run. Another opportunity for our technology lies in using the Allam Cycle to power our DAC process. With energies as low as 1 MWh/Metric-tonCO2, a 300 MW Allam Cycle power plant could power 7,200 metric tons of CO2 being captured per day using TerraFixing’s technology. This would equate to 2.6 million metric tons of CO2 being capture per year.  For more details, see: TerraFixing’s Carbon Capture-Technology Powered by Allam Cycle PowerPlant.  In addition, see detailed calculations by TerraFixing: Allam Cycle CO2 from Air Calcs by TerraFixing 2021-08-23.

3. Overview of TerraFixing’s Direct Air Capture (DAC) Process:

a) TerraFixing’s process is a 5 step temperature vacuum swing adsorption (TVSA) cycle.  The CO2 is captured during the adsorption step and then removed from the adsorbent bed during the evacuation step.  Shown below is a flowchart showing a generalized TVSA cycle for capturing and concentrating CO2 from ambient air with a waterbed regeneration step:

b) Shown below is a diagram showing the adsorption step:

c) Shown below is a diagram illustrating the evacuation step:

4. Map Showing Potential Sites for Power Plants Running the Allam Cycle Combined with TerraFixing’s DAC Technology:

The areas highlighted in red can be considered favourable locations for facilities that combine power plants running the Allam Cycle with TerraFixing’s DAC technology in terms of temperature, fossil fuel availability, and prospective sequestration sites. This map was created for prospective hydrocarbon locations but since every area that contains hydrocarbons may be a good location to store CO2, the below map can be useful in identifying some suitable locations for these type of facilities:

5. Brochure about TerraFixing’s Technology:

6. Reference Information:

a) Process and Carbon Footprint Analyses of the Allam Cycle Power Plant Integrated with an Air Separation Unit by Dan Fernandes, Song Wang, Qiang Xu, Russel Buss and Daniel Chen from the Dan F. Smith Department of Chemical Engineering, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX 77710, USA.

b) Direct Dry Air Capture of CO2 Using VTSA with Faujasite Zeolites by Sean M. W. Wilson and F. Handan Tezel* Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.

c) High purity CO2 from direct air capture using a single TVSA cycle with Na-X zeolites by Sean M. W, Wilson