Solistra Presentation by Alexandra Tavasoli, CEO

Alexandra Tavasoli is the CEO of Solistra Corporation, which is an early-stage clean-tech startup commercializing an innovative light-driven nanomaterial that can drive the conversion of carbon dioxide and methane together into synthesis gas. Solistra’s first commercial application is in the on-site production of low-carbon hydrogen from biogas produced from various organic wastes, in areas where water electrolysis may not be practical, for example, remote desert areas.

The company was co-founded in 2018 with her PhD supervisor Geoffrey Ozin, and spun out of the University of Toronto Solar Fuels’ Group after receiving significant funding from Natural Resources Canada and the MaRS Discovery District.

Since, they have completed their first pilot in co-operation with Natural Resources Canada and the Natural Gas Innovation Fund, and are looking for investors and further piloting or partnership opportunities.

This presentation was given at the New Business Opportunities in Hydrogen session at the Hydrogen Business Council’s (HBC’s) Hydrogen, Sustainability and Finance Conference 2020.

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