Selected Online Resources for Project Developers

1) Online Platforms Listing a Range of Climate Finance Options: 

There are many financial incentives and support programs available to help you make your project more attractive to investors.  To learn about these incentives, visit the following online platforms:
b) RECP Financial Catalyst – The Finance Catalyst links renewable energy projects to finance opportunities and vice versa, targeting small- and medium-scale renewable energy (RE) projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.
c) After registering on IRENA’s Project Navigator, a user can explore funding options on their Financial Navigator
d) Africa Development Bank: Loans and Grants Search Page
h) UNDP’s SDG Financing Solutions overview
k) Global Affairs Canada’s Call for Proposals page
m) GreenClimateFund: To view developing countries have designated a National Designated Authority or Focal Point, paving the way towards unlocking GCF resources for climate solutions, see: .

2) Online Platforms for Project Development and Connecting to Investors:

a) International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA’s) Project Navigator: Navigator
b) IRENA’s Sustainable Energy Marketplace: Marketplace
c) IRENA’s Channel on YouTube: LINK
d) ClimatePlace’s Project Marketplace: ClimatePlace
e) Convergence Finance, which is focused on helping to increase private sector investment in developing countries.

3) Documents about De-risking Investments: LINK

4) Website providing graphics:

a) Free photo stock depository:  Pexels
b) Website with many animated images in GIF format: Giffy
c) Icon Finder and Editor: IconFinder
d) List of free vector image websites for commercial use: LINK
e) List of free stock image websites for commercial use: LINK
f) Summary for climate related virtual reality content and software: LINK

5) Open source software to help create electronic marketing materials:

a) Audio recording and editing software: Audacity
b) Video player: VLC by VideoLAN
c) Media Gallery: Media Drop
d) Graphic Image editor: GIMP
e) Video Gallery Plugin for WordPress: Unite Gallery Lite
f) Draft step-by-step guide to convert a slideshow presentation to an animated and narrated video:  LINK

6) Pitching to Investors (Although these websites are more related to pitching startup businesses to investors, many of the concepts are transferable to pitching projects to investors):

a) Website: Tips on Pitching to Investors by Venture Hacks
b) Book: Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist
c) Video: Guy Kawasaki Interviewed About His Book: The Art of The Start
d) Book: The Art of the Start 2.0: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything by Guy Kawasaki
e) Book: Getting to Wow! Silicon Valley Pitch Secrets for Entrepreneurs by Bill Reichert, Angelika Blendstrup, Guy Kawasaki
f) Some example pitch deck slideshows: 23 Best Startup Pitch Deck Examples: Famous in Tech (For 2020)
g) Toronto Metropolitan University Startup School Video: Pitching to Investors2 by Dr. Sean Wise.
h)  Toronto Metropolitan University Startup School Video: Pitching to Investors1 by Dr. Sean Wise.
i) Toronto Metropolitan University Startup School Slideshow: Pitching to Investors1 by Dr. Sean Wise.
j) Toronto Metropolitan University Startup: School Content Library

7) Small Business Resource Websites (These resources can also be useful to project developers):

Note: Project developers are defined as any for-profit, non-profit or public entity developing a project.