Opportunity for Rapid Large-Scale Carbon Emissions Mitigation
A solution that can be scaled globally

Full (10-min.) video presentation:

1) Technology Developers

a) NET Power – Developer of the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle for 100% carbon capture for power plants fueled by natural gas.  NET Power is owned by Exelon CorporationMcDermott International Ltd, Occidental Petroleum Corporation (Oxy) Low Carbon Ventures, and 8 Rivers Capital.
Board members include:

b) Shell CANSOLV® CO₂ Capture System – A proprietary amine technology captures the CO2 from the flue gas and releases it as a pure stream.
c) Proton Technologies – A developer of a hydrogen production process from existing and depleted oil and gas fields without CO2 emissions.
2) Notable Articles, Reports and Websites Relating to Carbon Capture and Storage
a) Wiki article on Allam Cycle: Allam Power Cycle
b) Webpage by NET Power about Allam-Fetvedt (AF) Power Cycle
c) Overview wiki article: Carbon Capture and Storage
e) Wolf Mid-stream – Wolf’s Carbon Business Unit
k) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) artcle: Post-combustion Capture
l) Wiki article: Syngas from coal
m) MIT engineers develop a new way to remove carbon dioxide from air, October 24, 2019 (Process can work on the gas at any concentrations, from power plant emissions to open air)
o) Leveraging the Ocean’s Carbon Removal Potential, October 8, 2020 By Katie Lebling and Eliza Northrop 
s) CarbonBrief: Around the world in 22 carbon capture projects by Dr Simon Evans, October 7. 2014
v) IEA report: Carbon capture, utilisation and storage, Last updated Jul 1, 2021
u) Evaluation of Novel Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Solvent Concepts – IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme – Technical Study Report Number: 2009/14.
3) Videos:
b) How carbon capture plant using Mono-ethenol Amine works (for capturing CO2 from industrial plants)
c) Video by Gov’t of Alberta: Carbon Capture and Storage (animation), Jul 7, 2009
d) CO2 Separation – How It Works, Mar 13, 2018 (using Cameron’s CYNARA Membrane separation technology)
e) Concrete Carbon Capture by Just Have a Think
4) Reference information for utilization of CO2:
a) Video and links to related information: Paradigm Shift: Clean Energy Powered Indoor Farms
d) Article: These uses of CO2 could cut emissions — and make trillions of dollarsFrom concrete to fuels, CO2 from the air can replace CO2 from the ground, Nov 27, 2019.
5) Financing Allam Cycle Projects on a Global Scale:
Green Bonds can be an effective way to finance many Allam Cycle-based power generation projects.  When the green bonds are issued, they can be promoted to financial firms that are members of the following initiatives:
aThe Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), which includes firms with over US$70 trillion US under management.
b) Climate Action 100+ initiative, which includes firms with over US$35 trillion in assets under management.
c) Coalition for the International Platform for Climate Finance (IPCF), which includes firms with over US$7 trillion US under management.
Note: Some of the financial firms that are members of one initiative listed here may be members of other initiatives listed here.
6) Short 2-min. video about current warming trend and links to related information: Current Climate Warming Trend, Expected Impacts & What Can Be Done?