Seeking Capital?
Introduce Your Business Opportunity

at the
Hydrogen Business Council’s Conference and Trade-show on November 24, 2020

Are you seeking investment capital for your company or projects?  If so, would you like to introduce your business opportunity or opportunities at the Hydrogen Business Council’s conference and trade-show on November 24?  You can do so in the “New Business Opportunities in Hydrogen” session during conference.  With the rapidly growing interest in hydrogen related technologies and services, we expect it will be attended by many financial professionals and investors interested in this sector.

After you have piqued the interest of potential investors in your business through this special session, these investors can use our online platform to request to join a scheduled video conference call or a private call with you or one of your representatives.  In this way, your company can engage with interested investors who are already introduced to your company and want to learn more.

At the beginning “New Business Opportunities in Hydrogen” session, we would highlight the rapidly growing business opportunities in hydrogen and then we would focus each opportunity for about 5 minutes.  More specifically, we would spend about 1 minute introducing a company’s representative, the we would show a 2 minute animated and narrated video to introduce a company and its set of technologies and/or projects.  Afterward, there would be about a 2 minute Q and A session with the online audience.

To maximize the value to a company that wants to participate in this session, we have combined this participation with the benefits of our bronze sponsorship package.  The combined package will provide you with the following benefits:

a) Opportunity to introduce your business during the “New Business Opportunities in Hydrogen”.

b) Include your company’s logo and information in the “Sponsors section” of our conference website.

c) Showcase your company in our exhibitor section (basic exhibitor package).  This will include 2 staff member accounts to run the live booth and attend the conference.

d) Highlighting your company in our follow-up email to attendees.

e) Information about how you can create your own explainer video through online platform such as VideoScribe.  For example, see: Creating Explainer Videos.

f) Live 45 minute tutorial via zoom about how you or one of your team can create an explainer video through an online platform.

g) Technical support to help you create your explainer video.

h) Inclusion of your explainer video in our online gallery about business opportunities in hydrogen.  This gallery enables a viewer to scan the available videos and easily watch the ones he or she is interested in.

If you want someone to create the 2 minute explainer video for you, we can introduce you to a small video company that specializes in explainer videos, which can do this service for you at a reasonable price.  Once your explainer video has been created, you can use it many ways to create more awareness of you company including sharing it on social media.

This entire package is available to you for only $1,000 and will provide your company with considerable exposure and ongoing benefits.  In addition to introducing your business opportunity to many potential investors, a considerable number of potential customers will learn about your products and services.

If you would like us to help you introduce your company to the hydrogen sector including investors, please contact Paul Stevers at steversp -[at]-

NOTE: If you are seeking only accredited investors to invest in your company, you can require that everyone who registers for your private video conference session would required to sign an non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and a document indicating that he/she/they meet the requirements for accredited investors.