Multimedia Campaign Encouraging Action
Climate Change

Our Multimedia Climate Change Campaign is focussed on sharing visuals about both the reality of, and inspiring solutions to, climate change.  This includes very short videos that illustrate cause and effect, which can be easily shared across social media platforms to increase support for a wide range of Climate Solutions.  An example short video “illustrating cause and effect” is shown here:
In 38 seconds, this video connects melting in polar regions of our earth to increased coast flooding.  To view background and related information about this video, see LINK.
By utilizing a wide range of short videos such as this one, we can create broad public support for action on Climate Change, especially amongst people who are not focussing on climate change issues in their daily routine.
This campaign will include empathy-building visuals that range from images to 3D mixed reality (MR) videos.  Through sharing of this content, ClimateSAN will foster increased empathy and action.

In addition to creating more support for initiatives and government policies to help mitigate climate change, this campaign can generate more support for participating organizations. 

Each participating organization can share media that both helps create more support for climate change mitigation and promotes their area of interest.  For example, organizations building renewable energy systems can promote their products and organizations focused on reducing waste can promote their programs.

Recently, our group, the Climate Solutions Advancement Network (ClimateSAN) and Climate Social LLC prepared this short video about this proposed campaign: 

If video will not play, see: Video on Youtube.  In addition, you can view a document that includes more specific details about this proposed campaign and several links to more information at this link:
Draft Outline Multi-media Campaign to Encourage Action on Climate Change

The goals of our proposed “Multimedia Campaign Encouraging Action on Climate Change” are as follows:

a) Increase political support for climate change mitigation and adaption.
b) Increase support for existing climate action related groups (
e.g.. Climate Action Network Canada ) and their goals.
c) Increase support for Climate Solutions Advancement Network (ClimateSAN) and Climate Solutions it is advocating.

This proposed campaign will help individuals and organizations increase support for their own initiatives and goals, which is one of the most effective ways of simultaneously of moving forward to resolve complex problems.  Helping and encouraging people to focus on and fix problems they are passionate about has been recommended by Jim Lord and Pam McAllister in their inspiring and now free book called “What Kind of World Do You Want?”.

IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C
IPCC Report SR15

The alarm about climate change expressed recently by many climate experts in media and in the recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC)  may help generate increased interest in our proposed campaign.  To view a summary article about this report, see: IPPC report summary

There is a rapid growth of interactive virtual reality (VR) videos being created about climate change related issues around the world. These VR videos can serve as an empathy-building communications tool to increase awareness of climate change-related issues and the urgent need for action.  Given below are some links to some 360-style VR video content about climate change issues:

a) CNN’s 360 Video Initiative on Arctic Melt
b) CSAN’s video gallery & click: Climate VR & Related button
c) – Extraordinary Stories in Virtual Reality.  See below for the one about Melting Ice:

For more information about VR videos and the growing number of ways to view VR content, see: VR Videos.