Innovative Hydrogen Presentation by Joseph Williams, President

Joe Williams is President of Innovative Hydrogen Solutions Inc, which is an Aurora based Original Equipment Manufacturer of a Partial Hydrogen Injection System. Mr. Williams has over 26 years’ experience as a President and CEO of 3 Hydrogen Injection Technology Companies.  Mr. Williams is a two-time Manning Award Nominee and Patent holder of a Hydrogen Fuel Injection System.

Innovative Hydrogen Solutions Inc. was formed in 2004 to develop and commercialize breakthrough hydrogen on demand technology. The Company has developed a patent pending aftermarket product for combustion engines. The Product produces FRAGMENTAL amounts of Hydrogen and Oxygen gases through electrolysis and injects the hydrogen and oxygen mix into the engine’s air intake system resulting in a more complete burn of the fuel type. This results in less fuel consumed, an increase in power and torque and a significant decrease in Green House gases and other toxic emissions.

This presentation was given at the New Business Opportunities in Hydrogen session at the Hydrogen Business Council’s (HBC’s) Hydrogen, Sustainability and Finance Conference 2020.

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