The Hydrogen Opportunity
Background info
0) Link to Presentation on Google Slides: The Hydrogen Opportunity
1) Very short introductory explainer videos about hydrogen.  If so, please see below:
3) The Hydrogen Business Council created a draft report for its Hydrogen, Sustainability and Finance Conference, which took place November 19-20, 2020. Also at the conference, Minister Jeff Yurek of the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) for Ontario announced the release of a discussion paper for public consultation to inform the development of the province’s first hydrogen strategy.  To view Hydrogen Business Council 2020 report, visit: LINK
4) Recent gov’t related reports about hydrogen strategy:
a) Gov’t of Canada: HYDROGEN STRATEGY FOR CANADA – Seizing the Opportunities for Hydrogen A Call to Action, Dec 2020
5) Articles about growth of hydrogen sector:
a) CNBC recently reported that “Hydrogen is at a ‘tipping point’ with $11 trillion market set to explode, says Bank of America”.  This is likely because so many large companies are committing to Net-Zero emissions, which is creating considerable increased demand for hydrogen related technologies and services.  For example, the number of net zero pledges has doubled in less than a year, including more than 1,500 companies with a combined revenue of more than $11.4 trillion. ore than 1,500 companies.
6) Producing hydrogen from natural gas below ground and sequestering the resulting carbon dioxide in the same location: Presentation by Proton Technologies
7) Some substantial hydrogen related projects planned for Ontario:
Bruce County:
8) Video Presentation by Matt Fairlie, Next Hydrogen about a Hydrogen Solution to Ontario’s Emission Challenges”  To view it, see:
9) Video Presentation by Michael Fowler about 9 priority areas.  To view it, see:
10) Video Presentation by Paul O’Brien: Overview of impact of implementing hydrogen on a large scale: To view it, see:
HBC Conference: Track 4, Session A – University R&D – Support of Hydrogen Deployment