Welcome to the Climate Solutions Advancement Network (CSAN).  We help investors learn about and invest in solutions that mitigate climate change (Climate Solutions) by doing the following:

a) Host brief online business pitch events (approximately 20 minutes) about solutions that can help mitigate climate change (Climate Solutions) and be implemented on a large scale.

b) Provide an online gallery of short videos, produced by qualified businesses, to promote investment in Climate Solutions.  The features of this gallery will be enhanced in the near future.  To view our initial video gallery, see: Video Gallery.

c) Provide an information section for investors who want to learn more about more climate change, the factors contributing to it, and ways to mitigate it.

We also help businesses develop concise information about their Climate Solution for potential investors.  This includes an informational section on this website with links to online resources to help entrepreneurs prepare their own pitch.

Enhancements planned:

CSAN is planning to enhance this platform with the following features;

  1. An enhanced video gallery that will include short (approx. 2 min.) introductory videos about Climate Solutions by businesses implementing these solutions.  Each video will include links to more detailed information including:

a) Full business pitch video
b) Summary information page
c) Full profile of the business in an online investment platform such Gust.com and SVX. For an example profile, see: LINK.

2.  Online registration system  for new members of CSAN

3. Event calendar

In the future, we plan to increase the scope of our activities to include the following:

  • Crowd-funding campaigns
  • Publicity events and online promotions to increase awareness of the need to rise to challenge on climate change

Please note: This website is under development so visit us again soon to view the latest information.