A 38 sec. Climate Visual by ClimateSAN
Melting in the Arctic and flooding in a coastal area such as Venice, Italy

A. Background Information About Video:

  1. Zoom into Greenland and Venice – using Google Earth Pro by Google
  2. Ice in Diskobay, Greenland crashing into ocean – courtesy of video published by Polarissail
  3. Flooding in Venice – courtesy of The Guardian

B. Additional Information about Melting Ice in Arctic and Antarctic:

1. Videos:

a) TEDx Video: Seven surprising results from the reduction of Arctic Sea ice cover | David Barber | TEDxUManitoba

b) Older Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing by NASA Goddard, Oct 28, 2016

2. Some recent articles:

a) The Arctic had a scarily low amount of ice this past winter – 5 reasons the Arctic’s extremely warm winter should alarm you By Brian Resnick, Mar 23, 2018

b) Ice Loss and the Polar Vortex: How a Warming Arctic Fuels Cold Snaps, by Bob Berwin, InsideClimate News SEP 28, 2017

c) Forbes article: Splitting Of The Polar Vortex: The Arctic Is Melting In The Dead Of Winter by Trevor Nace, Contributor, Feb 27, 2018

d) Huge Arctic report ups estimates of sea-level rise – Report prompts warnings that the polar region is ‘unravelling’ by  Jeff Tollefson, 28 April 2017

e) Here’s what vanishing sea ice in the Arctic means for you ‘The Arctic is a natural freezer’ By Alessandra Potenza@ale_potenza  May 10, 2018

f) Polar Ice Is Disappearing, Setting Off Climate Alarms – The short-term consequences of Arctic (and Antarctic) warming may already be felt in other latitudes. The long-term threat to coastlines is becoming even more dire, DEC 27, 2017

g) Wiki article: Arctic_sea_ice_decline

h) Arctic sea ice extent for September 2017

3. Online tool about sea iceSea Ice Data and Analysis Tools by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC):