Dufferin Warren,  Media Campaign Director, ClimateSAN
Dufferin Warren,  Media Campaign Advisor, ClimateSAN

Dufferin Warren, ClimateSAN Media Campaign Advisor and M.S. E.D., Educator, Technology Mediated Learning, York University, Toronto, ON

Dufferin brings his experience as an advocate, technology mediated educator / trainer, and past experience in the Toronto Film Industry to the Climate Solutions Action Network. He comes from a background of environmental education and concern over the accelerating changes that are being seen worldwide.

Dufferin’s interest in climate change began as a child when mount St. Helens erupted and he experienced his first dry winter where no snow fell.  Later, in formal education he learned about the complex interactions caused by gaseous inputs into our biosphere, and began to develop a concern about how to mediate and deal with these advancing issues.

Having lived overseas in the ring of fire area for some time and seen the effects of large-scale environmental event firsthand he became even more concerned with remediation of this.

Being a positive person, Dufferin is excited to join the ClimateSAN team and to spread awareness of both the issues that our world-society is experiencing as well as the growing number of innovative solutions to some of the issues we currently face.

The world is full of a growing number of innovative approaches to different types of remediation and investors looking for solutions to invest in.  We do not face an insurmountable problem, we have a rapidly developing world society that currently has a waste disposal challenge.