Current Armed Conflicts Around the World
and How Climate Change is a Threat Multiplier

Since virtually everyone is concerned about their personal security and they often see current reality as more important than what is predicted to happen in future by experts, data on current armed conflicts around the world along how Climate Change is a Threat Multiplier can help encourage a sense of urgency on the need for large-scale climate action.  Therefore, we have prepared the below summary about conflicts around the world along with links to more information:

1) The number of forced migrants due to conflict in Africa is similar to the population of all of Canada: African Conflicts Displace Over 40 Million People by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, August 22, 2023

2) Global Conflict Tracker by the Center for Preventive Action (CPA) indicates that 237,000 are estimated to have died around the world as a consequence of organized armed conflict in 2022.  Given below is a map showing locations of current conflicts around the world:

3) Wikipedia: List of ongoing armed conflicts

4) Wikipedia: List of conflicts Africa

5) Today’s Armed Conflicts by Genera Academy:

a) Africa: More than 35 armed conflicts

b) Rule of Law in Armed Conflict Online Portal (RULAC) classifies all situations of armed violence that amount to an armed conflict under international humanitarian law.  Today, it monitors more than 110 armed conflicts and provides information about parties, the latest developments, and applicable international law. Some of these conflicts make the headlines, others do not. Some of them started recently, while others have lasted for more than 50 years.

6) CRISIS Group: 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2024, 01-Jan-2024

7) How Climate Change is a Security Threat Multiplier and What Can Be Done?

8) Growth of Violence and Forced Migration in Sahel Region of Africa ( )

9) Videos about Climate-related Forced Migration

10) Institute for Economics & Peace Report Briefing: Ecological Threat Report Briefing 2023. Full Report: Ecological Threat Report 2023

11)  Publications, Video Channels and Selected Webpages Relating to Climate and/or Security

12) Video Recordings of Climate, Security, Solutions and Finance Conference in 2021 hosted by ClimateSAN in conjunction with the NATO Association of Canada and the Modern War Institute at West Point  (