CSAN is for personal/institutional investors who want to invest in businesses that mitigate climate change (Climate Solutions) and can be implemented on a large scale.

Climate SAN is network comprised of global citizens that want increase investment in Climate Solutions by making is quick and easy for potential investors to learn about and invest in these type of solutions..

Unlike Climate Action Network which appears to be focused on raising awareness and political action

One key feature of our investment promotion strategy is save the potential investor time. In addition to have short high-quality online TV shows (compared to a typical slow moving webinar), we plan to have a video gallery with 2 minute videos. After watching part of or all of a two minute intro video, they can click on a link to watch the full pitch video and view other more detailed information.

I find the most potential investors do not take the time to attend existing physical “pitch” events. Most of the attendees to typical pitch events are interested onlookers with no plans to invest. ClimateSAN is a way of engaging potential investors with minimum time by investment. Once they are interested in a venture, they can review information increasing levels of detail. Given below is a typical sequence of events:

a) Watch 2 minute pitch video
b) Watch full pitch video (10 minutes)
c) Vide full business provide on a business website such as Gust.com. See example: https://gust.com/companies/thinkbiz-africa

In addition, we plan to add these features to the existing CSAN website:

– Member sign up area
– Event Calendar

More about CSAN:

international focus

Range of options and involvement available

Boomers and Millennials have disposable income

Looking to better our world

People looking to improve and think about the future of our planet and humanity

New in the industry

People begin to realize need urgent action to mitiage climate change

Save Investors time

Only affordable tech utilized

Need to become known and develop brand