Projects Complementary
to the
Proposed Climate Change Related Media Campaign

Given below is a list of projects that are Complementary projects to the proposed Climate Change Related Media Campaign:
1) Organize a climate related hackathon (Climathon) to participate in the Annual Global Climathon 24-hour hackathon – 26 October 2018 and invite the participants to organize and create high impact visuals about climate change including short virtual reality (VR) videos.  Also, contact the organizers of this Climathon and suggest to that they invite all the participants in all the Climathon locations to create this content as well.
2) Apply for funding from Heritage Canada to create “video shorts” about climate change issues that can be shared via the proposed media campaign.  If funding is received, complete these videos.
3) Help companies that have encouraging solutions that help mitigate or adapt to climate change (Climate Solutions) create a less-than-2 minute short video about their initiative.  For some example inspiring Climate Solutions that are part of the Centre for Social Innovation, see:
4) Host an online pitch event for Climate Solutions to help them raise money for their project.  For example, see: