Climate Change Trends and Opportunity for Large-Scale Climate Action

0) Summary page about a planned event at the Spirit of York in September 2024: Climate Change Impacts and Opportunity for Large Scale Action.

1) Short (2:30 min.) Video: Sea level rise leading to forced migration and the need for climate action:

Links related to information mentioned in above video:

a) Sea Level Rise Viewers: and

b) See Section 7 below for news articles and reports relating to the above video.

2) Short (2:45 min.) Video: Climate Change Trends and Need for Climate Action on a Sufficient Scale:

PDF Version of Slideshow to View Links in Video: Climate Change Trends and Need for Climate Action on a Sufficient Scale.

3) Short (11 min.) Video: Climate Solutions That Can Be Implemented on a Large Scale:

PDF Version of Slideshow to View Links in Video: Climate Solutions That Can Be Implemented on a Large Scale 2024

4) Webpage by ClimateSAN about current warming trend: Current Warming Trend ( )

5) Webpages by ClimateSAN about impacts of climate change on human security:

a) Rising Global Sea Levels and Its Impacts on Human Security.

b) Thwaites “Doomsday” Glacier and Related Information ( )

c) How Climate Change is a Security Threat Multiplier and What Can Be Done?

d) Videos and Images that Visualize Climate Change Impacts

e) Publications, Video Channels and Selected Webpages Relating to Climate and/or Security

6) Webpages by ClimateSAN about climate solutions prepared by ClimateSAN that contain embedded presentation videos and/or links to more information:

a) Combining Technologies to Produce Reliable Carbon-Negative Energy ( )’

b) Combining Complementary Technologies to Maximize Climate Impact in a Sustainable and Profitable Way ( )

c) Generating Reliable Power & Low-Carbon Fuel from Biomass While Creating Negative Carbon Emissions.

d) Selected Climate Solutions that Mitigate Climate Change and Provide Co-benefits

e) Agrivoltaics: Combining Solar Panels with Farming ( )

f) Coastal Carbon Capture with Olivine Sand (

g) How Farmers Can Make Money by Storing Carbon in Soil and Reducing Fertilizer Costs ( )

h) Articles & Webpages About Companies with Turquoise Hydrogen Technologies

7) Selected articles relating to the videos shown above:

a) Reuters: Greenland glaciers melt five times faster than 20 years ago by Johannes Birkebaek. November 10, 2023

b) SeaLevelRise.orgThe Future of Sea Level RiseWhile it took 60 years for the sea level to rise about 6 inches nationally, scientists now forecast that in just the next 20 years, the sea will have risen by another 6 inches.”

c) IEP Press Release: Over one billion people at threat of being displaced by 2050 due to environmental change, conflict and civil unrest, September 9, 2020.

d) Institute for Sustainable Finance (ISF): Climate change damage could cost Canada up to $5.5-trillion by the end of the century: New ISF report, April 20, 2022

e) Queens U: Canada faces huge physical costs from climate change, making net zero a great investment, May 18, 2022

f) NewAtlas: Brilliant Planet plans cheap, gigaton-scale carbon capture using algae by Loz Blain,  April 26, 2022

8) Selected investment funds led by billionaires with a focus on climate solutions:
9) Selected private investment groups with a focus on climate solutions:
b) Arctern Ventures Portfolio (Toronto, ON)
c) The Rise Fund Portfolio (San Francisco, CA)
d) Cycle Capital Portfolio (Montreal, PQ)
e) Eco Fuel Portfolio (Montreal, PQ)
f) Climate Action 100+ is made up of 700 global investors across 33 markets.
g) CREO Syndicate is a community of asset owners dedicated to solving the climate crisis.
Note2: Short link to this webpage: