Online event planned:
Climate Change Impact on Africa:
What can be done?
Challenges and Opportunities

Which will also be the launch of the:

Africa Climate Action Initiative
An Initiative by the Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network
with support from the Climate Solutions Advancement Network (ClimateSAN) and ClimateFast

1) Proposed online event is planned to occur sometime in May 2020 (To be determined soon).

6 pm – showcase of organizations with tables and networking
6:30 pm – presentations start

2) Proposed speaking agenda:

a) Introduction by Lyn Adamson, Founder, ClimateFast.

b) Presentation by Sarah Kamau about climate change and migration in Africa to include some slides about what can be done to help.

c) Presentation by Development and Peace-Caritas Canada about Conflict Caused by Climate Change in Lake Chad region of West Africa.

d) Presentation by Katie Fettes about Rainmaker Enterprise and their activities in Africa.

e) Short presentation about the importance of girls’ education in Africa.

f) Presentation by Paul Stevers entitled: “Increasing Food Security and Education in Africa Through Climate Action”

g) Several initiatives could be on display via links online during this event, which could include:

i) ThinkBiz Africa by Think Renewables Group.  This would include a WiFi hotspot serving free educational information
ii) Rainmaker Enterprise
iii) Orphanage in Somalia by Adan Awale from ANZ Computers
iv) Rumie Tablets by
v) Development and Peace-Caritas Canada
vi) Canada Africa Partnership Network.
vii) FreeGreek

h) Lyn Adamson then invites the online audience to contribute to project by volunteering time and/or money.  Make volunteer job descriptions available to audience.  Some volunteer jobs could be as follows:
i) Assist ClimateSAN team in preparing grant applications for the initiative
ii) Lead or assist in a crowdfunding campaign for this initiative and/or the Canada Africa Partnership Network.
iii) Lead or assist in a donation campaign for this initiative and/or the Canada Africa Partnership Network.