Climate Action Ideas

Some easy ways to help increase popular support for action on climate change

There are many ways to help encourage support for action on climate change.  Given below is a shortlist of some easy ways to do so:

Example YouTube Video Channels
Example YouTube Video Channels

a) Check out some of the video channels about climate change and share the coolest videos on these channels with their friends and family.  For some example channels, see: Hot MessOur changing climate and NASA Climate Change.  A longer list of channels is available at LINK.

b) Personalize the coolest short videos and images using Tiktok and other platforms and then share them on social media.

c) Create your own video channel of the most interesting videos you find online.

d) Learn about the wide range of free resources available online about climate change and share the ones you like.  For example, see: Climate Action Resources.

e) Use or combine images and videos that help you illustrate your ideas.  If you want to use royalty free images and/or short videos in your creation, you can obtain them from  Content from many other websites is restricted, however, some websites allow copying for non-commercial use or use with attribution

f) Make a meme and share it.  You can create a meme easily using free tools.  For example, see this meme tools list by Mashable.  To view some example memes about climate change, see LINK.

g) Organize a meeting or event (there are considerable training resources available online to help you organize events and motivate people in your community.  For example, see: Training-Skill-Ups by

h) Check out what other groups are doing about climate and join an initiative that interests you.  For example, see the members of Canada Climate Action Network and Toronto Climate Action Network.