Carbon Pricing Related Articles

1) CBC article: On the world stage, Canadian oil majors promote a carbon tax by Kyle Bakx, Mar 13, 2019
Carbon pricing is becoming increasingly popular among policymakers – and the general public too, write Stefano Carattini and Steffen Kallbekken
3) Reuters article: World urgently needs to quicken steps to reduce global warming: IMF, OCTOBER 10, 2019
Report also finds that economic disruption from tax hike could be offset by redistributing the money to citizens equally
5) In an article about carbon pricing in May 2019Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission indicated that “Economists agree that carbon pricing is the most flexible and cheapest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”.

6) WashPost article: ‘This is not controversial’: Bipartisan group of economists calls for carbon tax By Heather Long Jan. 16, 2019
Forty-five top economists from across the political spectrum are calling for the United States to put a tax on carbon, saying it is by far the best way for the nation to address climate change.

7) Former Fed Leaders, Economists Rally Around Carbon Tax, Jan. 16, 2019
Plan advocates replacing many environmental regulations with simplified tax on businesses that release carbon into the atmosphere, an incentive for them to use cleaner energy
An all-star roster of former Federal Reserve leaders and White House economic advisers are signing on to a new statement in support of a carbon tax on businesses that sends the revenue to U.S. citizens.

Most economists agree on how to tackle climate change. Can politicians make it happen?
It was, perhaps, the closest that the economics profession has ever come to a consensus. In January, 43 of the world’s most eminent economists signed a statement published in the Wall Street Journal calling for a US carbon tax. The list included 27 Nobel laureates, four former chairs of the Federal Reserve, and nearly every former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers since the 1970s, both Republican and Democratic. 

9) Guardian article: 95% consensus of expert economists: cut carbon pollution, Mon 4 Jan 2016
“there’s a strong consensus among climate economics experts that we should put a price on carbon pollution to curb the expensive costs of climate change.”