Carbon Tech Companies and Related Information

1) Given below are some articles about Canadian Carbon Tech companies:

a) Six Canadian companies chasing the carbon capture market By Business In Vancouver, Wednesday, April 10, 2019

b) CP: Three Canadian companies win $1-million awards each for carbon removal technology, Apr 22, 2022  •

c) CAPP: Canada’s carbon tech opportunity, By David Coglon Mar 2, 2021

d) Calgary Herald: Several Calgary companies lead the way in carbon tech innovation: report,  November 18, 2021 
Report highlights the accomplishments of several local companies capturing and reusing carbon in innovative ways

e) MaRSDD: 13 Canadian companies rank in 2022’s Global Cleantech 100 By Barry Chong  |  January 13, 2022

2) List of Canadian Companies with Carbon Tech (needs to be expanded).

a) Ekona Power Inc, Burnaby, BC, which converts natural gas to hydrogen and carbon black.

b) Carbon Engineering, Squamish, BC, focuses on using DAC and conversion to create carbon-neutral jet fuel

c) Svante, Burnaby, BC, developed an absorbent-based point source capture system at a significantly cheaper capital cost

d) CleanO2, Burnaby, BC, captures carbon from home furnaces, which can then be converted into soap

e) CarbonCure Technologies, Dartmouth, NS, developed a process for adding CO2 to ready-mix concrete

f)  Pond Technology, Markham, ON, which captures flue gas with algae grown in a bioreactor.

g) Carbin Minerals, Vancouver, BC, developed a way to accelerate the natural processes of carbon mineralization

h) Planetary Technologies, Dartmouth, NS, uses mine waste to sequester carbon in permitted oceans

i) CERT Systems Inc, Toronto, ON, which closes the carbon cycle by converting CO2 into fuels and chemical feedstocks using water and electricity.

j) Carbonova, Calgary, AB, convert ghg emissions to sustainable and valuable solid commodities

k) CarbiCrete, Lachine, QB, developed a method to lower costs, and increase concrete strengths while sequestering CO2

l) Twelve, Berkeley, CA, creates chemicals and materials from direct air capture

m) Net Power, Durham, NC, uses a semi-closed loop tech to create emission-free power from natural gas

n) Proton Energy, Calgary, AB, has a system for producing hydrogen at low cost, and zero carbon emissions

o) Ekona Power Inc, Burnaby, BC, developing a methane pyrolysis platform to produce industrial-scale clean hydrogen at low-cost. 

p) Solistra, Toronto, ON, developed solar-driven chemical reactors that recycle CO2 into commodity chemicals.

q) CO2 Solutions by SAIPEM, Saint-Félicien, QC, developed an enzymatic technology to capture CO2

3) List of American Companies with Carbon Tech (needs to be expanded).

a) Global Thermostat, Brighton, CO, developed a low-cost DAC system

b) Net Power, La Porte, TX, developed a breakthrough technology called the Allam Cycle that generates power from natural gas and captures 100% of CO2 created.

c) SureSource Capture bFuelCell Energy – Enables a coal plant to generate 80% more power, capture 90% of CO2 and reduce NOx emissions by 70%.

d) Oso Negro, Lab turns hard-to-process plastic waste into carbon-capture master by Mike Williams, Rice University, APRIL 5, 2022

4) List of Companies with Carbon Tech outside of North America

a) Electrochaea, Planegg, DE, Converts CO2 and H2 into renewable methane using Archaea biocatalyst

b) Carbfix, Kópavogur, IS, developed a process to mineralize CO2 in Basalts and other reactive rock formations

g) Climeworks, has a modular direct air capture technology designed to be powered solely by renewable/waste energy

h) Aker Carbon Capture

i) Soletair

j) LanzaTech

k) Carbon Clean

l) CarbonFree

m) CO2 Capsol

n) CarbonBuilt

o) See O2 Energy

p) Mirreco

q) Deep Branch Biotech

r) Hexas Biomass

s) Carbonfree Chemicals

t) Blue Planet

x) Calera

y) Solida Technologies

z) Carbon Upcycling Technologies

aa) C2CNT

bb) C4X

cc) Newlight Technologies

dd) Carbon Upcycling UCLA

ee) Aircela

ff) Mars Materials

gg) AirCo

hh) Graviky Labs

ii) Remora

jj) Interface

kk) Equinor (EQNR)

ll) Delta CleanTech (DELT)

mm) Advantage Energy

nn) Schlumberger

oo) Occidental

pp) Shell CANSOLV® CO₂ Capture System – A proprietary amine technology captures the CO2 from the flue gas and releases it as a pure stream.





5) Accelerators and Funding Agencies:

a) Alberta Innovates

b) Innovate Calgary

c) Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN)

d) Foresight Canada

e) Transition Accelerator

6) Demonstration Centre: Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre

7) Modeling and decision-making software

a) Enermetrics – Enermetrics compares hundreds of energy technologies to identify the optimal combination of solutions for your goals.

b) RETScreen by NRCan – RETScreen® Clean Energy Management Software platform enables low-carbon planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting.