Articles Indicating the Need for Large-scale Climate Action
Given below are some selected recent articles that highlight the need for urgent large-scale action on climate change:

Guardian: The IPCC report is clear: nothing short of transforming society will avert catastrophe by Patrick Vallance, Mon 9 Aug 2021
Achieving net zero will require action from everyone – and a renewed emphasis on science and innovation

Australian Financial Review: World to hit temperature tipping point 10 years faster than forecast, Aug 6, 2021
A long-overdue report by the world’s climate scientists (IPCC) will on Monday (Aug 9) reveal that global warming is accelerating faster than thought, with temperatures set to punch through the critical 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold by the early 2030s, a decade earlier than anticipated just three years ago.

Guardian: Climate crisis: Scientists spot warning signs of Gulf Stream collapse, 5 Aug 2021

A shutdown would have devastating global impacts and must not be allowed to happen, researchers say

Globe & Mail: The climate refugees are coming. Countries and international law aren’t ready for them, Omar El Akkad, July 31, 2021

For generations, our approach to asylum has centred on war and political persecution, not natural disaster. Unless we change that soon, mass migrations to the developed world will end in violence.  For more related articles, visit: Growth of Violence and Forced Migration in Sahel Region of Africa.

Politico: Wildfires rage and a tool to combat climate change goes up in smoke By DEBRA KAHN, 07/27/2021 – Forest-based carbon credits used to offset carbon emissions are burning.