Selected Articles About and Relating to Accelerating Climate Change

1) NYT article: Climate Change Is Accelerating, Bringing World ‘Dangerously Close’ to Irreversible Change, By Henry Fountain, Dec. 4, 2019

2) AP article: UN chief says world about to hit ‘point of no return’ on climate change by Aritz Parra And Frank Jordans, December 1, 2019

3) Sci-tech-daily article: Scientists Warn: Nine Climate Tipping Points Now ‘Active’ – Could Threaten the Existence of Human Civilization By University of Exeter, Nov 30, 2019

4) UN News: World on course for more than 3 degree spike, even if climate commitments are met

5) HuffPost: Greenhouse Gas Levels Hit New High As Canada Pushes Oil Expansion: Researchers11/25/2019
How Canada will reconcile its climate change and energy policies is TBA By Samantha Beattie
The world’s atmosphere faces a new record high for greenhouse gas concentrations — as Canada is planning to increase oil production by 60 per cent over the next 20 years.

6) Guardian Article: Methane emissions from coalmines could stoke climate crisis – study. Fri 15 Nov 2019
Millions of tonnes belched into atmosphere as bad as shipping and aviation emissions combined, researchers find

7) Guardian article: Scientist’s theory of climate’s Titanic moment the ‘tip of a mathematical iceberg’, Sun 1 Dec 2019
Formula for climate emergency shows if ‘reaction time is longer than intervention time left’ then ‘we have lost control’
If you’re the captain of the Titanic, approaching a giant iceberg with the potential to sink your ship becomes an emergency only when you realise you might not have enough time to steer a safe course…. And so it is, says Prof Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, when it comes to the climate emergency.

8) article: Choked by Coal: the Carbon Catastrophe in Bangladesh, 6 November 2019
A new report finds foreign finance from China, Japan, India and the UK is driving plans to build 29 new coal-fired power stations in Bangladesh. That would increase the country’s coal capacity 63-fold and put Bangladesh among the world’s biggest coal producers. Local groups are outraged.

9) article: Coal Is Dead, But China Is Reviving It, by Irina Slav – Dec 05, 2019
One Belt, One Road, Powered with Coal – The Belt and Road Initiative is an ambitious international investment program devised by Beijing that involves infrastructure projects worth a total of $12 trillion and spanning as many as 126 countriesMost of these are developing countries and many have yet to join the renewable crusade against climate change. But coal is widely available and cheap, so it will power the industrialization of these countries with China’s financial help.  A study by Global Energy Monitor cited by Corporate Knights estimates that the countries covered by the Belt and Road initiative could end up producing 66% of the world’s carbon emissions by 2050.

10) ClimateChangeNews article: As rich countries slow walk green finance, Putin offers Africa an alternative, 25/10/2019
Two summits in one week presented a choice for African leaders: stalled promises of climate finance in Paris or business deals in Sochi
Dozens of African heads of state, including the leaders of Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana, along with ministers and thousands of business leaders arrived in the resort town of Sochi, to strengthen Russia-Africa cooperation and discuss prospective military, infrastructure and energy deals, largely focused on the oil, gas and nuclear industries.
The two-day summit, led by Russian president Vladimir Putin and Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, was the first Russia-Africa cooperation conference. It is a signal of Putin’s intent to compete for African business with China’s massive Belt and Road investment project.