Africa Climate Action Initiative (ACAI)
Climate Solutions Advancement Network (ClimateSAN) [and/or Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network] and ClimateFast

There are reports that many millions of people are being adversely affected by climate change in Africa.  For example, in a BBC article entitled How Africa will be affected by climate change”, a leading climate specialist by the name of Prof. Richard Washington, indicated that Africa is more vulnerable than any other region to the world’s changing weather patterns.   There are several reasons for this including that African society is very closely coupled with the climate system; hundreds of millions of people depend on rainfall to grow their food.  For more related information, see LINK.

Our solution is to combining solar-powered irrigation with free digital resources to facilitate food production, education and entrepreneurship with funding through blended finance.  To view some detailed information about it, see: Combining Solar-Powered Irrigation with Free Digital Resources to Facilitate Food Production, Education and Entrepreneurship with Funding Through Blended Finance

Eventually, this initiative will also include:
b) Wood Pellet Stoves by Inyenyeri
c) Solar-Powered Small Business Centres by ThinkBiz Africa, A project of Think Renewables Group