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Facilitating investment in Climate Solutions and initiatives to encourage action on climate change.


Welcome to ClimateSAN

Based on the rising greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere, including CO2, it is apparent that the current level of action on climate change is not nearly sufficient.  To implement action on the scale that is needed in democratic countries, broad-based support is needed for this level of action.  Therefore, ClimateSAN has become focused on helping to build this needed broad-based support. 

To view a 2 min. introductory video about this trend in greenhouse gases, expected impacts of this trend and what can be done about it, click below:

As part of its work to build broad-based support for large scale climate action, ClimateSAN hosted a conference about climate, security, solutions and finance in conjunction with the NATO Association of Canada and the Modern War Insititute at West Point on May 18th & 19th, 2021: Impacts of Climate Change on Human Security: What Can Be Done?  To view video recordings of the sessions in this conference along with links related information, see: Conference Summary.
We welcome you to join us in taking action.  To learn how, visit: Current Climate Warming Trend and Call to Action.

Given below are two more initiatives we are implementing:

1. Accelerating Climate Solutions – We have developed an initiative with two streams to accelerate the development and scale up of Climate Solutions by introducing these Climate Solutions to wealthy investors. The first stream has been launched and focuses on proven, investment-ready solutions and the second stream, which focuses on promising early stage solutions, is expected to be launched in the near future.
2. Africa Climate Action Initiative (ACAI), which is an initiative lead by the Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network with support from the ClimateSAN and ClimateFast.  ACAI seeks to enable communities across the continent to mitigate and adapt to climate change through the combination and application of impactful technologies.  For more information, see: ACAI.