Climate Solutions
Advancement Network



Creating multimedia campaigns to encourage action on climate change and promoting investment in Climate Solutions.


Climate Solutions Advancement Network (ClimateSAN) is a community of concerned citizens and organizations committed to combating the threat posed by global warming and climate-related issues.

Our focus is to increase the sense urgency in individuals and organizations through short visuals relating on climate change.  In this way, we increase awareness of climate issues and investment in Climate Solutions.


…Connecting the dots on Climate Change…


Join our Multimedia Climate Change Campaign
Our current Multimedia Climate Change Campaign is focussed on sharing visuals about both the reality of, and inspiring solutions to, climate change.  This includes very short videos that illustrate cause and effect, which can be easily shared across social media platforms to increase support for a wide range of Climate Solutions.  In this way, we can create broad public support for action on Climate Change, especially amongst people who are not focussing on climate change issues in their daily routine.
Our campaign will include empathy-building visuals that range from images to 3D mixed reality (MR) videos.  Through sharing of this content, ClimateSAN will foster increased empathy and action. Join our network to be a champion for climate solutions.  For more information, see Campaign.